Professors and founders

Eva and Gildas founded Yoga4Life in 2014 with the wish to share their common passion for Yoga and health. They met one New Year's Eve during a meditation.

They combine their differences in practice, Hatha Yoga for Eva and Ashtanga Yoga for Gildas to offer a wide variety of postures to all students.

Both aware of the gentle evolutions in the changes of life, they bring a benevolent observation to each student and seek to make them dare the discovery of oneself through Yoga.
Promoting alignment, flexibility and anchoring by combining them with conscious and deep breathing
is a quest for every Yoga4Life session.


We promote a traditional approach to Yoga
which adapts to all levels of practice.
Gildas Gentil, certified from Ashtanga Yoga Paris and

Eva Ponty, certified from Yogacenter Montreux.

Hatha Yoga



The path of Yoga begins in my childhood in Los Angeles, where yogis and yoginis practiced alone on the beach, in union with the splendor of nature. The serenity, flexibility and strength that emanated from them, in postures defying weightlessness or in meditation, fascinated me.

My mother started Yoga in the 1970s and so at the age of 15 I started taking Hatha Yoga classes at the Sivananda Center, one of the first Indian yoga teacher schools in the West.

However, it was only at the age of 21 that I understood the importance of following the dietary recommendations of Ayurveda, the Science of Life: the purity of foods and their preparation and kriyas, detoxification of the body.

I then deepened my practice of meditation at the age of 26 at the IRM's Happiness Academy and other Yoga Nidra schools.

It is by removing the successive layers: the influence of violent societies, the image of the body that religions convey as being dirty and even the contradictory opinions of doctors on what is good for the health that I became my own guide. or "guru", which in Sanskrit literally means "that which removes the darkness".
I am convinced today that a yogi is above all a scientist, an experimenter, who opens the borders of his limited beliefs and applies a discipline of life in accordance with his observations.


By becoming a Hatha Yoga teacher, I decided to offer this path to others. Indeed, Hatha yoga is a very powerful tool to reduce factors of stress in everyday life, since without exception we all have obstacles to overcome in life and the secret of well-being and even happiness, which is an every day decision, lies in our daily attitudes (thoughts, words, actions, eating habits, hygiene, ...).

I am happy and therefore honored to accompany you on this path to radiant health!

Certified Hatha Yoga teacher in 2013 from Yogacenter Montreux (Switzerland) with Patrick Nolfo




During his first trip to India in 1996, Gildas was inspired by the depth and sensitivity encountered with spiritual people.

Long left on hold to further his multiple professional activities (finance, events, fashion, art), Gildas found his way back to the inner path by accident.
Hit by a car in Barcelona in 2005, and suffering from multiple traumas,
Yoga came into his life to heal him.
Physically already through the asanas to find his sensations and rebuild his faculties, psychologically then with meditation and concentration to reconnect with the joy of living.
Finally to get in touch with this inner voice telling him:
"The only way out is the way in."


Back in Paris since 2012, Gildas practiced  Sivananda yoga, whose ashram he discovered in Rio in 2009.

In 2014, Gildas discovered Ashtanga Yoga with Gérald Disse and Linda Munro and obtained a Yoga Alliance qualification the same year.

Co-founder of Yoga4life Paris with Eva Ponty, Gildas teaches with passion this discipline which animates him.

A protean entrepreneur, he enjoys working in contact with artists and creative artisans.

He runs the 18 Bis Gallery, an alternative contemporary art space, and offers yoga classes among works of art.

Yoga as a way of life, Gildas enjoys practicing, sharing and teaching his deep love for this discipline.

"Asana est ce moment parfait où, le corps étant absolument tranquille, tout effort de volonté aboli, la sensation et la respiration sont suspendues et immobilisent le temps. 
Alors on est heureux, dans un sentiment d'infintitude.

Citation des Yogasutras - Editions Albin Michel